Wall Building

Rupert Peters Landscapes have designed and built garden walls throughout the London and Surrey areas with over Thirty years of experience we can build walls of different styles and methods of construction whether modern or traditional: Drystone walls, Gabion retaining walls, Brick walls. However beautiful the wall design and construction may ultimately be, they are a powerful structure that must function as designed.

Rupert will source stone that suits the design of your house and build walls to last using sound and tested methods of construction. Recently we incorporated a welsh stone dry wall into a garden in Wentworth, Surrey which separated the modern garden from a pond and natural habitat we created for wildlife to occupy.

What our Customers Say
Phoebe & Rob - Weybridge

Hi, Our back garden is next to a busy road and we wanted to build some kind of garden wall that would blockout most of the noise or at least as much as possible, Rupert had some great ideas and create a wall that also gave us a place to hand loads of garden plants.

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