Lawns and Hedges

Your lawn serves as the canvas for the rest of your landscape, forming a framework for garden beds, pathways, decking, patios and garden studios. Rupert can design and lay new lawns or enhance existing lawns and bring new life to them using specialist knowledge and ‘know how’.

Garden hedges can be constructed in different styles to suit the character of your home and garden. Rupert can advise clients on many different aspects of hedging; a client may want to create privacy and screening or want a stunning colorful fragranced wall of plants. With Rupert’s extensive horticultural knowledge he will take clients on nursery visits to discuss their requirements, talk them through their options and show plant specimens. He will ensure clients remind closely involved in every step of the design and construction process.

What our Customers Say
Leah & Roger

Hi, gardening has never been me or my wife’s strong points so we decided to hire the guys at Rupert Peters to keep our front and back garden lawns mowed, and also keep the hedges looking neat and tidy. Its great to be able to just walk out into the garden knowing its going to look well maintained.

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