Garden Rooms, Offices and Pods

Rupert can offer a bespoke design service to create an outside office, garden room to maximise your living space. This service allows you to create your own personal studio. A client might want it as a place to read, watch TV or simply a family space in which to relax or entertain. With quality workmanship these garden rooms offer a new dimension to both the garden and home.

Featured is one we incorporated into a garden in Esher. Whilst in another one in Walton, Surrey a bespoke bar was incorporated with lighting and a working kitchen.

What our Customers Say
Richard & Jane

I saw a garden office that Rupert had installed in a family members rear garden, it was lovely and warn even though it was winter time, I then took the decision to have a garden office myself to free up a room in my house, great work all round.

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